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【Buy One Get Two Free】Menstruacyjne Sara

【Buy One Get Two Free】Menstruacyjne Sara

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Absorbability, such as 3 tampons
Convenience, until now, people can only dream of it during this period ✨
• Water absorption and leak resistance ☁️
Classic cut with exquisite lace accents 🌀
They look like regular underwear 💜
Assuming and forgetting that you have menstruation ✨
You can almost forget the period when you wear these pants! There's nothing to worry about, it won't leak. Everything is the same as in the product description. Great! It's all from a Polish company! It's perfect. Anna
Do you like to be a woman, but when these days come, you are in a deep crisis. Do you want to use four triggers to lock yourself at home until the bloodshed subsides before leaving?
Are you always afraid of having too few tampons or pads installed, or forgetting to replace them in a timely manner, as everyone will see stains on their pants, or worse, getting someone else's chair or sofa dirty?
With us, you can forget about these situations because we want to provide you with breakthrough menstrual underwear comfort. From now on, you don't need to cross these days off the calendar 
Majtki menstruacyjne


Sara is menstrual underwear that allows you to forget about the fact that whatever you need during your period: stock up on tampons, change your napkin, worry about an ugly smell, find a bathroom, get up at night, check every quarter for any leakage on your pants...
Enough! You don't need anything anymore:) All thanks to the sewn-in ultra absorbent insert absorbing 100% moisture. We present you an absolutely unique model of Clark menstrual underwear- these panties are named Sara, and the second--"Wear and forget"!

majtki menstruacyjne opinie


Sara panties are a solution friendly to your body and (peace) spirit! But also, what is important- for your wallet and for the environment.
Clark underwear is always made of environmentally friendly, delicate and breathable materials.

Our innovative formula also eliminates bad smells.

Majtki Menstruacyjne CLARK

  1. Warstwa zewnętrzna: 85% Nylon + 15% Spandex
  2. Warstwa absorbująca: 95% Włókno Viscoce + 5% Spandex

  3. Warstwa wodoodporna: PUL

  4. Warstwa wewnętrzna: 95% Włókno Viscoce + 5% Spandex

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